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My Films
Homme Alone


They were together, but now they’re alone. As one of them contemplates this loss, the other won’t go away quietly, threatening both of their existences.

Homme Alone
Caviar Dreams
Caviar Dreams


A food documentary that examines and analyzes the history, culture, and significance of caviar.

Caviar Dreams with laurels and play .png
Atomic Retro Customs
Atomic Retro Customs:
The Electric Guitars of Matt Nowicki


atomic retro customs with laurels and pl

Matt Nowicki is a luthier in North Carolina building electric guitars that have become famous for their retro designs and custom details. The film explores his process for constructing electric guitars and the inspiration behind his designs: classic science fiction and old-world craftsmanship.

Chinese Pediatrician
Chinese P.jpg
Chinese Pediatrician

in production

A close look at the operation of the Chinese medical system in the shadow of the One Child Policy through a semi-personal story of a seasoned Chinese pediatrician. 

The Outlet
The Outlet


The Outlet with laurel.png

A young girl must find the courage to free herself from pressures both internal and external in order to grow up.

Wei Ying Demo Reel
Wei Ying Demo Reel.mp4.00_00_02_19.Still
Wei Ying Demo Reel



As an award-winning documentary filmmaker with an MFA in Documentary, I have professional experience creating engaging documentaries and developing compelling visual storytelling content for various types of clients and audiences. I believe in the power of storytelling, and I have honed my
craft as a storyteller and gained proficiency in pre-to-post production techniques through
my work experience both in the United States and China.





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